Catering and Baking!

I owned a restaurant several years ago.  It was called "Tyler's Old Fashioned Coffee House".  We served  breakfast and lunch, along with every coffee drink imaginable.  Parties were catered, cakes were baked, casseroles were sent home for visiting relatives and fun was had. 

Times were rough and rent was high and it was time to return to teaching.  I miss being there for people and preparing the food to help them in their lives.  I miss the smiles of delight when someone tried the Lasagna Soup after doubting it - I TOLD them it was outrageous!  Not to mention the sweets, confections and my Grandmother's fudge.

So.  I am starting again. Just a bit smaller scale.  Our new name is "MyHolidayHouse."  We will be catering casseroles, soups, cakes, cookies, fudge, spiced tea, and confections!  If you need meals for company or casseroles for parties; cakes for holidays; appetizers for celebrations, movie nights and games; cookies, peanut butter truffles, fudge, or any flavor of trash for gifts - We are here once again to take care of you.

 Look soon here for my menus and a link to my shop on etsy.