Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Mother, my Sunday and my projects......

I LOVE my mother.  Don't get me wrong.  Out of all the women that could have been my mother, I got the best. We are very close, but she is NOT my best friend, she is my MOTHER.  (More on that later)  We were talking Friday about projects and her enviable drive and energy - she is superwoman with a cane.  (Waiting on knee replacements)  I was telling her all that still needs to be done on our house.  Well, whining is closer to what was happening. She replied that she was very glad I wasn't going to spend my summer sitting on my ass after school is out.  Lovely.  Mind you, this woman loves my sister and I beyond belief, but to her, we need MOTIVATING.  I suddenly turn 13 and think, I can sit on my ass if I WANT to. 

SO.  That being said and done, I was determined to get something done on this three day weekend.  I found a great set of single lockers that needed some love.  They are almost finished getting a fresh coat of white paint and then on to a trial run in the laundry room.  I made white trash casserole (tater tots, I am so ashamed) for breakfast, then on to cake ball filling and am working on my Mom's squash casserole and roasted sweet potatoes to go with friend chicken.  I am not frying chicken. If the Colonel wants to have a $10 bucket on sale on Sunday, I am taking him up on the offer.  I will eventually post pics and recipes for this at a later time.  (Minus the chicken, of course) 

Maybe later, when I am sitting on my ass!  :)

Do you have a Mother like mine?  She is my everything, just has such a mouth on her!  But I thank God for her every single day. 

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